Losing volume controls - PC

I recently lost audio volume controls (Windows XP Prof). This was not a matter that could be put right from the control panel.

Searching the Internet Google helped me to find the following article:


with which I managed to restore the volume controls and their functions. An exe file SndVol32.exe has to be extracted from the Windows XP CD and inserted in the root system file.

The article, which comes from Microsoft originally, is good, just two points:

 One of the lines to enter is:

 expand sndvol32.ex_    system_root\system32\sndvol32 

 The space before system_root is very easy to overlook. (I have placed three spaces to make it clear. Three spaces won't work!).

 The last command to give ends with...sndvol32.e.......


I don't know why the exe is not written out in full.  I typed NOT e..., but exe, and the command worked.


Hope this helps someone. It was like old times being back to DOS commands.