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I was just having a terrible problem with exporting from Audacity to create an mp3 on the Intel Mac. The lame download from the site is fine. The problem is that you don't really know what you need in the end so when Audacity asks you to find it, you don't know what you need.

The file's name is libmp3lame.dylib. So when you download it from the site, you will probably get a folder named: libmp3lame-osx-universal-3.97. The way I solved it, was to simply put this whole folder in my Audacity application folder. When I chose File>export as mp3 and it asked me to find the lame file, this is how I navigated: the folder>package>usr>local>lib and sure enough there was the file. Once it is located, you will never have to do it again. If someone has a better or more efficient way, I'd like to know!

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Hi, I go an extra step with audacity since the lamelib never worked for me. I have not tried in the past month.

However, I export as a aiff, take it to garageband, work on it there then I save as mp3.

extra step, but works fine.

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After ripping my hair out and spending a lot of time on google and forums looking for answers, I have found the solution - it was posted on this wiki:

The key to it is having the CORRECT version of audacity - NOT 1.2.6, but the new BETA works great!

Then you must also have the correct lame download - found here -

 It worked like a charm for me!

So glad to be able to share the solution!