Webcast Academy Session 2.2.5

This is the audio from the Webcast Academy meeting 2.2.5, our last offcial meeting of this intern group. As we discussed, this is more of a beginning than an end because now you are all ready to become active webcasters in the Worldbridges and EdTechTalk communities. We look forward to participating in your shows!

 Please note that in keeping with our tradition of putting raw audio up for webcast academy meetings, this audio file has a number of problems. I (Susan) was using a new computer to stream. One hour earlier, I had tested with members of the community and all seemed fine. As you will hear, there is a tinny sound, not quite an echo but a very unpleasant almost echo sound. Also in keeping with webcast academy and open source learning- all suggestions will be appreciated as I have not yet solved the mystery!

Thanks for a wonderful session to a wonderful group!

Best, Susan, Cheryl and Jeff