Checklist for Audio Setup to Webcast in Windows: Streaming

Jeff's Screencast on this

First part is just like for recording. If you aren't recording, skip opening Audacity, but do the rest...
_ Set up audio settings in Windows (right click on speaker icon at lower right of screen)
_ Open Volume Controls
_ Options; Properties
_ Select Recording (make sure that Mixer Device is sound card); OK
_ Select Stereo Mix check box and close
_ Plug in USB If you are not recording, you can skip the next two steps
_ Open Audacity;
    _ Pull-down menu input device s/b Stereo Mix
    _ NOW open audio repeater
_ Click STOP button to adjust settings
_ Set Wave in to AK5370
_ Set Wave out to sound card
_ Set Total Buffers to 100
_ Set BPS 22 or 24
_ Buffers 16
_ Channels Stereo/2
_ Priority High
_ You may want to wait to start...
_ Volume control for mic setup
_ Select Properties
_ Select AK5370/USB mic as device on Playback and you will get a volume control for that device.
This is where you are setting up for streaming
_ Check out this to get info on links, logins for Sandbox
_ Login to ShoutCast; this will tell you if anyone is on
_ Get on Listen Page (this could be done later--I like it out of the way)
_ Open up SimpleCast; click start
_ If it is the first time, set up encoders click on ENCODERS button
_ Click on + to add encoder
_ Converter Tab
_ MP3; 64kps @ 44100 or 22050
_ ShoutCast; Server details here; give it a name
_ Stream archive (this will create a raw audio)
_ Click okay
_ Make sure that Audio Repeater has started
_ Start recording in Audacity
_ Click Start triangle on Encoders page and you will be streaming
_ Go to the Listen Page refresh, and you should see stream. Click on play to confirm you are streaming.
_ When you are done, click on stop in encoder and Audacity and power off in SimpleCast
_ Save Audacity as MP3 look for raw audio stream and you are ready to edit


Using Sandbox