Julie's Reflection on Show #2- Renal Nutrition

This webcast was done with the intended audience of my students- Master’s level dietetic students at Illinois State University. I teach a seminar class with the intensions of brining in topics that are unique and not always taught at rotation sites; one area being renal dietetics. I was fortunate to have an alumn who graduated in May working at a renal clinic in Chicago. She had wanted to do a class for the interns and when I mentioned the skype online webcast, she was very excited!

So the first task of finding a guest to be on my show was settled. I met with Suzie River, MS, RD online using Skype 2 days prior to our show. This way I could test her mic, computer settings, etc. I felt much more at ease after doing the practice, so when the day of the show came, I was only half as nervous!

On Sunday, September 23rd, the show time was , and I got a bit stressed as I had to pry my husband off our desk top computer so I could get things lined up. Once I had command of the area—things were a go! I did have trouble this night streaming in sandbox B…last time it was sandbox A, but now B. I am not sure what setting (IP address/password/something) I had incorrect. Luckily, all of my intended listeners were able to listen to the stream….ahhhh……

Suzie’s roommate that night wanted to listen in to the conversation, so Suzie had her earpiece off. I knew right away what the issue was, as I was getting much feedback from myself through her speakers to her mic. She quickly switched this before the show and I think the sound turned out really well.

Adding others to the Skype call:

I hadn’t ever added someone to an existing call while streaming prior to this show. I practice earlier by adding the Skype lady to a call—and was successful! In real life, it was no different. However, something that I did not let my listeners know and understand was the delay in the audio stream versus our skype call. I should have had the listeners stop their audio from the webcast prior to answering their skype call. The participants who came on and asked a question of course had a difficult time listening to the answer as they were getting both the answer and the audio from 20 seconds prior…..a lesson well learned!

All in all, I was pleased with how smoothly the show went and that all of my students were able to access both the audio and chat areas!

Every stream is a learning experience for all!




-Julie Schumacher

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Julie, I am so glad you wrote and asked about eh chat, that way I saw Jeff's email and mention of your two shows.

I am so proud of you for moving forward at a very fast pace.  I will have my son listen to this as he is interested in becoming a dentist and I think he would love webcasting. Now on to listen to podcast #3.

Please keep me in your loop as you webcast.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD