And I NEVER thought VAC would be a help: Slight off-topic

Okay, I'm probably known as the VAC is a vampire lady after my complaints during WCA2.2. I witched and moaned. Why is this so complicated? I also wondered how this arcane knowledge would ever come in handy. I've been playing around with online Karaoke. There is one site, that insists you cannot use a USB mic (sorta like the problem you get in VoiceThreads). I could NOT get a jack mic to work. It would record me, but not the music, or the music and not me. They recommended using Stereo Mix on my audio settings (I laugh at that now). NOTHING worked until I thought, he this is like the two-way telephony recording, I wonder if I used the VAC/audio repeater and USB mic if that would do it. It still was sucky. I had to sit halfway across the room with the mic next to my laptop speaker to pick up the music (and my duet partner) but not my voice so much. Some of this is no doubt due to my Ethel Memmanesque sound levels, but I digress. What can I tell you, obscure stuff comes in handy sometimes. I have driven my family nuts singing "Reunited" over and over all night trying to perfect the sound levels. Cruel I am, but art is a harsh mistress.
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So is any of this experimentation online?  Where can we find Alice's rendition of 'Reunited'?  Enquiring ears want URL's :) 

Hey, I let you know the site. Good luck finding it, lol!

The more pertinent part is that learning all this crud can come in handy. This has gained me some  knowledge of audio, that I never would have gotten otherwise. I would never have done this without Jose dragging me into Webcasting (and graduating). So if you don't like my show, my singing, or my general attitude, he's the one to blame, lol.

 So you can use me as a case study (although ya might wanna skip featuring my singing).

Here's the song. It's not that bad (ain't that good either)  so I'll share: