Still plugging away . . . .

graphic: recording a two-way phone/Skype conversation


(Assignment 2, continued)

I'm not yet prepared to record
a two-way phone conversation,
but a call is in being set up for
this afternoon, so I've got
to review settings more
thoroughly this morning—and
get ready to participate in the "FoodBridges" show in less than 5.5 hours.­ This
show involves Carla Arena, Illya Arnet-Clark, Cristina Costa, Erika Cruvinel,
Dennis Newson, and me. In it, I talk, but I don't yet record or try to "kick the
stream"; I'll be doing that eventually, though.

This afternoon, I'm taking the easier (for me) option: using Nicecast on my Mac,
Virtual Audio Cable (the mysteries for which are still a kind of Gordian Knot
from my point of view.

Once I make it through the "FoodBridges" show and the phone recording, I'll start trying to untangle VAC in earnest—and to remedy problems I'll likely encounter
using Nicecast.

­D. O.



Dennis, if you take a look at the front page, you'll notice how this post is not formatting quite right.  If you enter the <!--break--> code at the end of your post - see this FAQ  -  that should eliminate the problem. 

Hi, José.

Yes, I noticed the bugaboo in the formatting, but I didn't know how to fix it.

Now, thanks to you, I do—and I did. 

Mil gracias for the pointer. I read about the break code when I was preparing this entry but didn't figure out where to put it—and I also didn't realize that to enter it, I would have to toggle from text mode to html. Now everything's clear, thanks to you.

Agradezco mucho tu ayuda!

D. O. 

Dennis Oliver: ESL Teacher and Materials Developer in Phoenix, Arizona.
Not a techie but not a technophobe, either.


Good luck with your recording.  Remember that VAC is windows only. 

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

Hi, José.

Yes, I know that VAC is Windows only, but I also have a Windows PC and want to know how to webcast using it. One of the main reasons is that  the instructions for audio configs are so well developed here at the W.A. site. Another reason is that even though I have Nicecast, I'm not at all sure that I want recordings uploaded to the Nicecast server.

Also, I tried, yesterday, to record via Nicecast, but the results were not very good. I should've used Audio Hijack Pro (which I have on my Mac) or VAC (which I have on my PC). At the moment, I'm trying to make sure I understand the set-up of Audio Hijack Pro in recording. After  I feel fairly confident with that, I'll move on to using VAC (on my PC).

All the best, José.

D. O.

Dennis Oliver: ESL Teacher and Materials Developer
in Phoenix, Arizona. Not a techie but not a technophobe, either.