"Keep talking..." Foodbridges 2 The technical side

I'll find out if there is a special place to put links, but here is where the Audacity recording of last night's Foodbridges 2 webcast is:




The recording is OK, but the voices have an echo quality as if we were all sitting in caves. What could that be? What settings should be checked?


Audacity questions.  When editing I found out about SHIFT + Pos 1 or End to go quickly to beginning or end of recording, but how can I fast forward, or rewind?


I'll put this link in the proper place when I find out where that is.


I've entitled this message "Keep talking..." because this is what Illya, in Skype chat, told me to do until other people turned up and technical matters were attended to  behind the scenes.




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­­Hi, Denos.

When I tried to access the URL that's given in your post (above), I got an "Address Not Found" error message. However, when I compared the URL that I actually accessed with the one that you posted, I noticed that there were differences.

posted in the blog:


This actually calls up:


which results in this:

Address Not Found

www.fb2djn2610.mp3 could not be found. Please check the name and try again.

When I copied what I saw in your blog and then pasted it into the address bar of my browser, however, I got the page for the "FoodBridges 2" recording—and I listened to all of it.

I'm not sure why the posted URL calls up something different from the actual URL, but it may have been a typo in entering information in the link portion of the editor for the blogs. Perhaps you should edit your post and re-enter the URL. (Be sure that you enlarge the link box. The default pop-up is so small that it's difficult to see information keyboarded into it.)

By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed both participating in and listening to "FoodBridges 2." I love your voice, your wit, and your skill in hosting and moderating. Our audience was small (you, Illya, Erika, Cristina, Carla, and I), but the content was very interesting and the atmosphere was warm and gemütlich. Kudos!

D. O. 

Dennis Oliver: ESL Teacher and Materials Developer in Phoenix, Arizona.
Not a techie but not a technophobe, either.

Jose, Phoenix Dennis,

I've found out what I did incorrectly. I didn't correct the link in the drop-down link box, so the wrong address remained hidden and that was the one used to try to contact the site.


Why didn't post straight WA, Jose? I've only just found out that that is what one is supposed to do! 


I'll try to post in the correct place, in fact I've been trying, but WA has been even more trying, even teling me I had no authority to be on my own page! 



Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY

Is there a reason you didn't post audio directly to Webcast Academy?  Either way first link was broken, I did Follow Dennis Oliver's suggestion and got to listen.   So this recording is from Audacity?  This demonstrates that you can record two way audio and not necessarily be able to stream that same audio.  Well the challenges continue.  BTW  Foodbridges is very fun to listen to!

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

Well, I've just found out there is a size limit, 24 MB, and I guess our recording was far over that limit. 


Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY