A Day of Learning

I ran out on my lunch hour today to get a new headset microphone.  I went with the Altec Lansing USB & analog.  I thought it would work better than my Logitech desktop microphone.  However, I never did get it to work...  Thinking back on it now, I wonder if there was a setting in my Control Panel that I needed to change.  Anyhow, I switched back to my desktop usb microphone. 

Meanwhile, I received a call from Dennis Oliver.  He was ready to record a 2-way Skype call.  I enjoyed getting to know him, and I'm hoping his recording worked.  It sounded great on my end.

I then decided to try streaming.  I loaded Audacity, Audio Repeater, and SimpleCast.  I checked my settings and gave Skype Lady a call and it seemed to work.  I put a call out on the chat to see if anyone was available to talk with while I tried to stream.  Three people were there to help!  I chatted with Durff while Chrissy checked the stream.  Thanks gals.  It worked!!   I'll upload the audio sometime this weekend. 

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