That was intense, so I did it again (actually 4 or 5 times )


Note: Make sure to follow Lee Barber's screencast
for ­proper Nicecast settings for headphones and ignore mine. Watch mine if you want to see the overall process.

I was so excited as I finished the assignment for this week. It was exhilarating watching the server show I was streaming and the Real Audio feed working. I did it several times and then Durff skyped me and said the sound was fine, so I figured I'd better stop hogging the sandbox in case someone else needed it. I simplified my process this week after someone mentioned that they do everything in Nicecast. I used the "archiving" function and will re-open the file in Audacity to set all the proper labels and id tags. I created a screencast (same as above) to reinforce what I just learned and hopefully help someone on the Mac side trying to use the Windows language and translating it into Macspeak.


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