2007-11-11: Skype Recording and Streaming--D. Oliver

.jpg graphic: unsuccessful Skype recording and streaming session   ­

Oy, vey ist mir . . . . 

This past week, Carla Arena,
Erika Cruvinel, and I had
a Skype conversation with
Carla's online students in
Brasília, Brazil. Carla set up
the streaming, and my job
was to record the session.
We did­ a test about 20 minutes
before the session began, and
everything seemed to be
working OK. I was able to
record everything, but when
I checked it later, the results were . . . not stellar.­

My own audio (I was a participant as well as the recorder) was too loud, and it
also had a lot of echo and sounded muffled. The audio from Carla, Erika, and
the students was usually not very clear; in addition, it also kept breaking up.
What's more, when Carla tried to play back the stream, it didn't work properly.
Also, when she checked her archived copy, she heard all the same things
in my voice that I heard in the voices of the others (echoes, muffled sound,
high audio level). plus lots of broken audio.

I think I caused the problem because I thought I'd set the audio  a particular
way (in the input / output), but I actually didn't. I think something was set
properly, but then I somehow toggled it off.


Oh, well, lack of success is discouraging and humbling . . . but it's also
a powerful reminder to check and re-check and re-check again. As such,
it provides fa learning experience that is definitely meaningful.

So . . . I'm still plugging.

D. O.