Recording Skype call (two sides)

After some frustration with what I thought were setting issues, Lee B helped me out and it turns out my dual 1/8th inch plug headset wasn't going to work for this. I went to the local Radio Shack and ended up with a Logitec 250 USB headset, and things went MUCH smoother! I figured I'd post the settings here that worked, since they are a little different from Lee's screencast since she's using other software.

 (Using a Logitec 250 USB headset)

System prefs : Sound : output and input set to Logitec USB

Audio Hijack settings : Source type: Skype (it'll restart skype if you have it open)

Skype prefs : output and input set to Logitec USB

 Now that I've recorded myself and the skype lady, I need to skype to someone else and see if I can record a few minutes of something worth listening to! 



Hi Sarah, glad to hear that the new headset is doing the trick.  When you are ready to record a 2-way Skype call, put a note in the WA chat and someone will be happy to call and work with you on that. 

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4