2-way Telephony reflection

It took a fair amount of time with the skype lady almost two weeks ago to figure out how to get this to work (see last blog post).  Then I procrastinated . . . and went to Educon . . . and found myself scrambling this morning to find someone to talk to. I know I could at some point just use the Skype Chat for the group to find someone, but I really wanted to talk to someone I knew already for this first time in case it didn't work.  I only have about three people on skype that I would feel comfortable calling for this kind of thing, and I lucked out that Alice Barr was available and willing to lend a voice to my assignment. I used Audio Hijack, on the trial version, since it wasn't going to be very long. It ended up being even shorter once I edited the audio file. I did add in a little intro - not great as I still haven't figured out how to get my headset mic to record in Audacity (works fine for the Skype recording, but not in Audacity.  Huh.) . The built in mic in my MacBookPro is a little tinny. Audio quality is definitely something I want to work on soon.  

 On another note, I had an interesting moment during a conference call last week (traditional phone type). The Maine HS Teacher Leaders were talking about the HS Teacher Laptop program and working on ways to connect and maybe do training. There were some issues with distance learning models using the Maine Distance Learning (ATM) sites regarding seeing the desktop of the teacher doing the training.   I mentioned that the audio and video at the sites could be paired with a ustream of a desktop using camtwist - and after today I might recommend Yugma too.  I got the impression that no one knew what I was talking about. If I have to show someone, I'll be looking for help! :)  Thanks for broadening my awareness of the tools . . .and helping me get the skills to use them.

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