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Hello, here is the audio setting for my recording from skype calls, but it came out from speaker, not my earphone, so i realized it was not right to stream in live. I hope to get some help to resolve the problem. Thank you. 

Jane Jiang/SpiceCN

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Hi, To make a long story short. I am able to capture skype phonecalls properly from my earphone now. Jeff found a new driver/REALTEK for my sound card. I’d never have thought that audio could be recorded from setting “stereo mix” of the sound card in recording. Actually, it was not until I started the Audio Repeater as I selected mic/ the USB headset as wave in and Realtek HD soundcard as wave out. It works since then, but Total buffer(ms) must to set to 200 on Vista PC. The rest of audio settings, I think it depends on the machine to be set what would make it better quality. Here again the link below for a picture of the proper audio settings on my HP Pavilion Elite m9155cn Vista PC. I am so glad to make it with Jeff’s help. Thank you, Dean J

PS: I am planning to stream in live at 01:00 AM GMT on Sunday Feb.24 2008. I would appreciate all of you to join me by then. I look forward to that.  


Jane Jiang/SpiceCN/Jiang La