How to transcribe wave-to-text for text blog publication


1. Convert the audio file from AUP to WAV or MP3 (using Audacity/Lame/WinLame)

2. Transcribe from WAV or MP3 to Text (using WAV-To-TEXT Voice Recognition)

3. Publish the text here or to Google Blogger (meta-list of blog providers

This enables other search machines like Google Alerts to detect the content of the webcast in text form.

WAV-To-TEXT Voice Recognition

Wave To Text is an English speech recognition-based dictation pad with a WAV to text converter. Shareware: 30 day free trial, then US$39

Voice recognition technology is not yet available as open source

The dictation pad lets you convert your voice to text in real-time, while the program's wizard enables you to convert your Windows Audio WAV files (speech recorded) offline. This speech utility is probably the most high speed way to convert speech to text, you don't need to be conscious of what the computer is going to write, you also don't miss a word as its stored in a wav file.

You may then high speed edit the converted text using a special editor which plays back every word which you can mark for editing purposes.

In addition, the text can be searched and easily cut, copied, and pasted into any application.

Applications :

Useful for HIGH SPEED speech to text conversion real-time dictation less input no computer conscious recording or dictation save precious time You need not be conscious about what computer is going to write. In the end anyhow you require to format the document for printing. Let your assistants do the proof reading and conversion.

Useful for converting MP3, WAV or WMA recordings of continuous speech recorded using pocket size recording devices or laptops, palmtops etc Outdoor recordings Voice Notes Voice Event Descriptions. You just have to submit the wave files to your assistants.

A commercial service provider does this too now... 

Enablr Transcribr 


Ribbit: Mobile Voicemail to Text SpinVox captures spoken messages [from a phone] and cleverly converts them into text. It then delivers your message to a destination of your choice – inbox, blog, wall or space. Right in the moment. Giving you the power to Speak Freely. 

State-of-Art Conference: Automatic Speech Recognition of Webcasts 

Microsoft Webcast 2008-04-18: Speech Recognition and Grammar Generation in Unified Messaging for Exchange Server 2007

Some blog examples:

Additional tools to beef up your blog:

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