Show #2, Women of web 2.0

I feel like the academy awards, I want to thank Jeff Lebow for always being in the wings, supporting, encouraging and cheerleading! Thanks also to Dave Cormier for his comments and words of encouragement.Of course the women of web 2.0 are the best at designing a focused conversation. But most of all to our listeners who are learning along with us how to use these web 2.0 tools. I hope one thing that we can impress on all of our listeners, none of us are experts in all areas of Web 2.0. By sharing and helping one another and taking huge risks we learn the tools of the day and then we are ready to move on and learn the next new tool. When we jokingly say, put your goggles on, it means that we are still learning how to use the tools. I felt like I had my goggles on, my seatbelt on and for extra assurance I had my bungee cord attached. I missed the skypecast, but after the show I learned how to grab the skypecast and add to the conference. Next time!

Details on how to grab the skypecast will follow for the Mac! But for now, here is the second podcast for Women of Web 2.0. Happy listening and goggles not necessary for the listener.:-).

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