Recording success, communication failure

I have finally today succeeded in recording both ends of a telephony call after much playing with sound settings and after experimenting with a different computer and different versions of Audacity. My settings were as follows:

Equipment: Laptop with wireless connection

External USB sound board Audio Advantage Roadie

Headphones and mike plugged into the Roadie-
  1. Control Panel Settings
Ø          Audio: Recording, RoadieØ          Playback, RoadieØ          Voice: Recording RoadieØ          Playback Roadie
  1. Sound Properties
Ø          Recording: Stereo MixØ          Playback: Mike checked
  1. Audacity (ver 1.2.3) I/O
Ø          Audio in RoadieØ          Audio out: Roadie
  1. Skype
Ø          Audio in RoadieØ          Audio out RoadieØ          Let Skype decide: unchecked
  1. Audio Repeater
Ø          Wave in sound cardØ          Wave out: Roadie

I don't understand why this combination works. The settings in audio repeater seem to be exactly the opposite of those recommended in Jeff's screencast. I wish I understood more what I was doing!

A subsequent conference call and then skypecast with Niels and Dennis produced so much echo that we had to abandon the idea. And it seems that I was the source of the echo for every time my mike was muted their sound was fine. Again I don't understand why this could be since I don't use speakers but headphones.

My next target is recording a skypecast with Pamela (both version 3.0). I am not certain this is possible but I will experiment. I am more or less committed to doing a skypecast on December 11 or 13 so I must master these issues.

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