Rapport on weekly EuroMiniMeeting 7.12.06

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The Euromeeting on Thursday the 7.12.06 was hosted by Anne Fox in a

skypecast-room and recorded and edited (strongly) in Audacity and

streamed to Sandbox A and B with SAM Broadcastiing by Niels. Before

the start we played Beethowen 5. sym found on wikimedia - and a litte

glimse of Danish music (Kim Larsen: Kloden drejer stille rundt = the

Earth is turning silent around) just to suppress Doug a little (sorry

for that, Doug)

After e short debate between Niels and Anne about settings in

soundcontrol and Audacity SUS joined t and edited (hevely)he team -

and later on Doug flew in from the US! Speaking about "the joy life of

an interns" and at the end of this conversation about flying in their

second life with or without their clowes!

Chatromm was open - but I was not able to copy from this? - so Jeff or

others - help me! - perhaps you have this short chat?

Audio icon EuroMeeting_7_12_06_4_br44.mp318.95 MB