My first telephony recording...

... happened during this evening's webcast academy weekly meeting. I thought it had happened last Thursday but when I listened to the playback I found that the flat level of noise was not me being recorded quietly but was in fact noisy silence.

However over the last week I have made progress in eliminating echo on Skype by dividing the job of recording and playback between my USB soundcard and my internal soundcard.

And this evening I managed to make a recording. The attached file is not coherent as it consists of three test slices of the meeting and I have not edited it at all. I notice that the sound levels are very variable. I was controlling sound levels through Audacity but the recording would need more manipulation to level them out  even further if I were publishing this.

I found the delayed repeat quite distracting. I don't sound drunk as I feared but I think I do sound as though I am half asleep. This will need a lot of getting used to.

I also use Pamela for recording and wondered if Pamela and Audacity could not work together but tonight they did work together so that is not a problem.

Last Thursday my settings were:

Laptop, wireless connection

Mike in: USB soundcard

Headphones in jack plug

Sound settings (follows Audacity settings anyway)

Playback Soundcard - Stereomix

Recording sound card, mike chosen

Audacity – Set to stereomix

Playback – Soundcard

Recording – Soundcard

Skype settings

Audio in: USB

Audio out: Soundcard

Pamela settings – same as Skype

No audio repeater

Shoutcast – since there was movement on the sound ladder it seems that I could have streamed with these settings (but since Niels was already streaming I didn't). 

Today my settings were exactly the same except that I tried the audio repeater but did not open Shoutcast. 

Audio icon webcast10-12.mp33.28 MB