Rapport on first Nordic meeting 14.12.06

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Nordisk diskussion om at danne en gruppen som kunne kjøre et program, som kunne ligne på EdtechTalk Weekly i 2007. Debatten er på de skandinaviske språk - så kan du lese dette er det kanskje en god ide at laste utsendelsen ned?

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On the 14 of december we had a little meeting in a Nordic group where we have the first debate about setting together a group f people to drive a Nordic EdtechTalk Weekly program in 2007. We were 3 interns: Anne (DK), Bengt (S) og Niels (NO) and one "outsider" Willy (NO) Niels was the host recording and straming to sandbox A and B and editing the 60 minutes meeting after the session. We spoke in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. First about what th weeekly program demand of us - and in the end of the program about using new technogy in our teaching. As I host I learned that I need to turn off all sounds in SKYPE - and that I have to asked all in the room to close down their TV-set.and not be to active to ues their tastatur under recordings. I still have a way to go to edit - this is no easy - for the moment try and failure it my method. Before the show started i tryed to get alle mics in a good level - but one of the speakers was too heigh I discovered after. We used the SKYPE conferanceeroom - a more "silent place" than the Webcast-room - and it was running OK om my laptop on a wireles broadband 450 kb up and 1900 kb down.

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