Online Teachers' Training

In this technology age and thanks to a variety of new online learning tools, any person or student can learn whatever they want or need without ever setting foot in a classroom. The tools we can find in Internet are amazing and effective at once. Training organizations and institutions in the educational field are also starting to take advantage of these learning tools by offering online trainings and Web-based seminars (or "webinars") to train and increase curricula among their staff.

I do have some questions to be answered during these course modules: How do you keep your participants engaged when you cannot see their faces and visually gauge their reactions? How do you make sure your attendees are actually learning? How do you know they are not checking their e-mail or multitasking while you're teaching? How to be sure the training sessions have been completed and learning goals achieved at a distance?

Despite the challenges, I do believe successful and engaging training program online can become true. I just need to learn how to teach and engage trainees -- establishing clear objectives and including content that appeals to a variety of learning styles – it still applies.

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