Lo siento, Mea culpa, I apologize!

This evening I had a very nice little chat with durff (aka Lisa). She and I wound up in a skype call after the skypecast got flooded by a bunch of hooligans! (Sorry if some of them were you-interns) None of them were in the chat at the academy so I assumed they were strangers. The people on the chat couldn't hear the stream, I think because there was a pre-recorded show on sandbox A, the channel I thought I was supposed to use. I didn't want to use another channel because I didn't have permission. Live and learn. I too am new at this but I know that eventually I will get the hang of it. Sorry about the frustration and inconvenience. If you supply your skype contact name to the webcast chat, you can become part of the conference call easily if the skypecast fails. In fact next time I plan to just have a conference call and people can email their contact names and I will call them at the designated time. Talk to you soon. sendkathy - kathy shields
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