The lonely Skypecast

The was perhaps the loneliest and quietest hour I have ever spent! Thank you to the one brave soul who showed up to talk a bit. And GStanley, get better! I assume that no one wants that great vastness of silence to be uploaded, you will only hear me typing as I answered my email. Well, one good thing, a kid I thought would never do his homework, just wrote a blog entry (homework) - I sit amazed! What is my next step towards webcasting with kids?
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I almost feel sorry for you! I can almost hear the solitary clicking of keystrokes punctuated by frustrated sighs. I'm sure, if posted, the recording would be interpreted as a very poignant commentary on the vastness of the Internet, practically poetry. I posted the Tuesday event. See what you think, I can always edit it. Let's hope this Skypecast is somewhat less vacuous. Kathy Shields (sendkathy)

Vacuous? That's a great vocab word!!

Sorry Lisa that I couldn't be you with longer - I'd be happy to help you out again next week if you like. And, Thankyou, I'm feeling much better now, after almost a week off work. Perhaps we can round up more volunteers for a Skypecast session? Graham Stanley Barcelona, Spain Skype: eflbridges/bonavista99 Yahoo: blogefl

You went above and beyond in helping me get on...thank you! Visit The Intern Show, if you can, it's rather late for you. I'm doing the Skypecast and another is doing the webcasting. You should see it to your right listed in Upcoming Events.

Sorry I will miss you Sunday morning. I will be at a conference Sunday through Tuesday, and will probably be sleeping in....if I'm there, I found some wireless, maybe at my friend's in PA? We'll see. Have good conversations!