Adventures in Webcasting

It was going to go so smoothly. We both got online an hour early and did some testing. Everything seemed like a go. Only, I didn't notice until 15 minutes into the show that I was the only one being recorded. As badly as I would like to post a show...I can't subject listeners to my one sided chucklefest. Lisa did a superb intro and I then I asked her what she'd been doing. It was all very exciting, until I noticed that when she was the only one talking we didn't have any bars on nicecast. Hmmm, we tried me calling her, me skypecasting her, Lisa skyping me etc for a whole hour. We even both restarted but I think Skype must have been fed up with us because try as we might we couldn't even connect by direct calling or skypecasting. Alas, we must do it yet again. So here am I, still waiting to add my first authentic artifact to my portfolio! I'm thinking about graduating with this new class. So Lisa, I'm sorry I didn't capture the better half of our conversation. Doubtless I will discover that one little setting may have been the culprit. Next time will be different...I hope!