PodcampNYC Webcast Coverage

Webcast Coverage of PodcampNYC
April 7, 2007
The New Yorker Hotel
New York, NY
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John C. Havens of pvandv.com, about.com, & lead organizer of PodcampNYC
Steve Rosenbaum of Magnify.net

Discussion with Gary Leland 
of PodcastPickle.com 

Dr. Kathy King fields a question
from Chrissy in New Zealand
Getting to know Podango


Jared Klett of Blip.TV
a podcast tarot reader
Podaberacadabera virtually reads the cards
for Cheryl of Women of Web 2.0
Jeevan & Jeff from Raw Voice,
Blubrry.com, & Techpodcasts.com
Leesa Barnes, of Podonomics.com
Podcamp Session here
Jason Van Orden
Co-organizer of PodcampNYC
Mark Rose of PRBlogNews.com
Greg Cangialosi of BlueSkyFactory.com
Marc Juliano of Talkshoe.com
Carter Harkins of crowdabout.us
David talks about "unconferences" and
online opportunities for "marginalized" communities
The Podcamp Bouncers from
The Anything But Monday Show

 Jacob Redding of mnn.org and wiredgeek.com

Gary Baumgarten of paltalk.com


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I was visiting a friend in the city.  A rare individual without any internet or computer!  I had signed up to volunteer at podcamp on Saturday morning. I didn't get the message about your plans to converge on podcamp NYC until after I returned home.  My question is, why didn't you purchase a t-shirt from me? ! I was there from 7-9 volunteering and then spent two hours with Dr. Kathy King, my idol. I had no time for the larger sessions. After that is was time to get back to the business of being on vacation.  Museums, Central park, a little of the tourist shtik with my daughter and her friend.  Perhaps we will intersect next year? In the meantime, I enjoyed your coverage.

Kathy Shields (sendkathy)


  So sorry to have missed you.  Paul mentioned he'd seen you in a session, and I figured you'd be stopping by our 'mobile studio' at some point - we were stationed outside the main presentation room.   The rest of the day is a blur.  As we were packing up, I realized - we never met Kathy Shields! 

Kind of ironic that we were able to connect with folks on the other side of the planet, but not someone at the same conference.  We'll have to do a better job of using the connection tools next time.



The mobile webcast station is hilarious!  I would love to see a "how to" on the assembly process.  It would be quite amusing I'm sure. BTW Lisa Durff and I will be webcasting our conversation Saturday morning.  That will hopefully make three for me.  Then I just have to figure out how to get my own gig. 

Kathy Shields (sendkathy)