Why I want to Webcast in the EdTechTalk Community?

What is your show concept?

EdTechTalkK12 will be a webcast supporting digital tools for the learner, teacher and classroom.  We want to emphasis opportunities for the teacher who is getting started, bridging the novice into the opportunities of the Web 2.0.  Opening with sharing links, we will discuss classroom applications and practices.  Interviews of current practitioners will also be a major part of our design.


Who would be on the show?

Dr. Anne Leftwich, Assistant Professor, Indiana University (http://education.indiana.edu/~edfolks/persons/aleftwic.html) &

Jeff Flynn, Assistive Technology Consultant, Ann Arbor Michigan Public Schools will be the primary hosts with invited guests.


Tell us about each host

Jeff has been in education for 30 years as a special education teacher, computer lab teacher, administrator, and is currently an assistive technology consultant.  He enjoys kayaking, biking and spending quiet time with his wife, Sharon.  Kids and grandkids are his fondest interest.


Dr. Anne Leftwich, Assistant Professor, Indiana University (http://education.indiana.edu/~edfolks/persons/aleftwic.html)


How often do you plan to broadcast?

We hope to do something weekly however, we will allow ourselves the chance to be flexible.


Why do you want to be on EdTechTalk vs. any other place/hosting it yourself?

This is the community where I learned and grew as a digital citizen.  I have had my greatest professional development and created my vision for educational technology through the discussions and events of EdTechTalk.  I would only hope to be as generous to others as Jeff, Dave and the rest of the community have been to me.  There is an authenticity of affirmation that I have experience rarely elsewhere.


How does your show fit into the EdTechTalk and Worldbridges  community? What will it contribute?

I would like to replicate many of the great work going on but focus primarily on the K-12 public classroom and work at engaging the newer digital educators into this Web 2.0 journey.

I believe that in working as a team, Anne and I have some differing perspective.  I am older with classroom experience and Anne is fresh with much research and exploration of classroom practices.  There will be some good dialogue here.


What do you hope to gain from being a part of this community?

I hope to continue learning from my EdTechTalk experience, but now I want to take it to a different level of speaking up, sharing and offering to others some of the experience and practice I am gaining.  I have been a reluctant blogger and podcaster, I want to change that.


Do you have a webcast/podcast now? Where?

Only through my ETT conversations.


What kind of help would you need to get started?

Good Thoughts and Happy Trails

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Who does this entry belong to?

Cheryl Oakes

This post is from Jeff Flynn, Ann Arbor Public Schools, Michigan

Jeff are you already a webcaster? I missed that. Welcome aboard!


Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD