Ready to Graduate!

In putting my portfolio together I went back and found some shows I liked.

 The first show was week 3 , you can listen here, 

I like this show because, it was a show where I was in Wells, ME, and Sharon Peters, Vicki Davis and Jen Wagner were all in Atlanta at the Georgia State Conference.


The next show I chose was week 7,  with Sheryl Nessbaum-Beach and David Warlick. This show for me was an eye opener that we, the Women of Web 2.0, were actually a credible bunch of women, interviewing and responding to some high profile bloggers in the edubloggersphere. .

From week #28, wow! Brian Crosby with Learning is Messy. He was just a great guest and we really did talk all night going from one idea to the next. He is amazing. 

Finally, it was amazing to broadcast live from NECC 2007, I really thought that it would be the women of web 2.0, sitting at a cafe table with 5 people in the audience watching us. When we had an entourage file in the conference center with us to watch, and with a few technical difficulties, Dave Cormier to the rescue, we went live, and then had another dozen people file in. It was great, over 30 people live watching us, taking photos, giggling, oh, that was the women of web giggling, it was a wonderful experience.

If you had told me one year ago when I was taking the webcast academy that I would be working on my 37th show I would have laughed out loud. Never say never, is what I say now. I use an intel imac, nicecast, a simple logitech microphone and my ipod headphones. My screen although it is 17 inches, is not big enough to watch all the windows I need to view. I love skype, I am challenged by skypecast, I can wiki, blog, and stream all at the same time.


You will love the webcast academy. I used to have tons of butterflies before I began webcasting. Now, while I still have a few butterflies, I know there is a whole supportive community out there who will come to my rescue. Have fun webcasting, and you too could have your own show.

Over and Out!