recording both ends of a telephony calls - Carlos F existential issues

I'm using Windows Vista , downloaded the last version of Audacity and VAC. I also have realtek sound speakers. The presentation on telephony causes me the following problems:

1- In Audacity, I can't manage to open the box With what you hear, I can't seem to find it.

2- The pannel for Volume control is totally different partly because I have the realtek installed and partly because Vista changed part of the previous options.

3- So, I've got no options to choose and no volume control or what I want to be used for recording

Conclusiuon: I don't know what to do...

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Reflections on Introduction assignment

Besides reading through the introduction materials and learning how to set up Audacity and Skype, our first assignment was to record a one-minute audio introduction. The purpose of this assignment was not so much what we said, but to practice using the software, exporting it correctly, applying the ID3 tags and naming conventions.

Karen K Dennis-Dell Latitude D505 laptop

Dell Latitude D505 Laptop


Operating System:

Introduction by Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Well week one and already behind.  Not a good start needless to say. Anyway, I am using a MacBook Pro and thought GargageBand would be best bet, but decided to try Audacity since that is what  most of my own students will attempt to use.  I am really kooking forward to suggestions for improvement.

Bit rate 64 settings using a Mac

I am feeling little challenged - something that I am sure will be a consistent phenomena for the next 6 weeks. Learning the concept in "windowspeak" and then translating to "macspeak is a bit of a learning curve. I found the method to set a bit rate of 64 for the Mac version of Audacity is established in Audacity preferences> File Format> MP3 Export Setup then the drop down menu> 64. If I have posted this entry twice - it maybe the beginning of that head knocking thing I heard about.


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