Transition from WCA to Webcasting

Well, today was graduation day for me, and now I have questions about how to transition to a show of my own. When do we quit Webcasting here, and move to Ed Tech Talk? I'm sort of re-doing this process, since I did a lot of this with It's Elementary (although Jose took care of many of the technical issues). Here is what I recall:

  1. You need to answer the Big Six Questions
  2. Do I stay in the Sandbox for a while, then move over?
  3. How about for a periodic show, that doesn't have a regular schedule?

Here is my answer to the Big Six:


SpaceCast - Oh to Be 13!

SpaceCast Episode #9 from our middle school elgg students (personallearningspace.com) contemplate some very important questions - "What is it like....." (to  be 13 in Virginia, to  be 14 in New York, for my mom to be 13). I know I would not want to be 13 again but listen in for some different opinions from Paul Allison, Lee Baber and Madeline Brownstone classrooms for a student cast session that is really starting to grow up.  Teachers Teaching Teachers on Wednesday continue to discuss plans for the cast. We will be back on November 17th at 10:30 am EST -- 15:30 GMT. (Click here to subscribe to SpaceCast).

Edufilter interview with Dave and Jeff

Just found this August 2006 interview with Jeff and Dave: http://edufilter.org/?p=4). Sorry if this is old news. But I found the statistics on listenership and number of downloads insightful. I've wondered about that and thought it might be a important nugget of information to add when discussing Webcast Academy proficiency, i.e., number of listeners reached.

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EdTechBrainstorm September 7, 2006

Another in a series of "virtual staff lounges" where educators and technologists get together to talk about how technology is being used in the classroom.

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EdTechTalk Brainstorm

One in a series of "virtual staff lounges" for learning about and with technology. Bring your questions and comments and contribute to the conversation. Record a message if you have something to add and can't make the "live" show. Friday @ 01:00 hrs GMT

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