eurozone meeting

Rapport on weekly EuroMiniMeeting 7.12.06

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The Euromeeting on Thursday the 7.12.06 was hosted by Anne Fox in a

skypecast-room and recorded and edited (strongly) in Audacity and

streamed to Sandbox A and B with SAM Broadcastiing by Niels. Before

the start we played Beethowen 5. sym found on wikimedia - and a litte

glimse of Danish music (Kim Larsen: Kloden drejer stille rundt = the

Earth is turning silent around) just to suppress Doug a little (sorry

for that, Doug)

Eurozone mini-meeting

A eurozone meeting to pick up running issues re streaming and recording.
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Eurozone meeting

As Anne has already reported, she Niels and I tried to meet last night. I called a conference, then set up a Skypecast, then Niels set up a Skypecast and we ended up in Webhuddle. In the conference and the Skypecasts there were terrible echo problems. In the Webhuddle I simply could not find how to activate sound, and there did not seem to be any instructions anywhere. We were ejected unceremoniously after a shortish period.

 This is often a Beta world, isn't it? When things work it is impressive. But they often do not work and for reasons unknown to anyone around at the time. 

I have had experience of other Skypecasts in the last couple of days. It is a jungle. If you do not "mute all" and invite people to speak selectively, you are lost. And the language of some of the people that will start speaking if you don't stop them is not the sort of language you would want your grandmother to hear. 

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Eurozone meeting

Niels and I have been in contact and confirm that there will be a Eurozone meeting tomorrow at GMT 16:00 i.e. 17:00 Western European Time (my part of Germany , anyway). PLEASE NOTE: We are WINDOWS people, not MAC. Neils will be joining us a little later than the start time (He will be at a conference in Bergen and not at home in Oslo) so I will look after the meeting. Assuming that we shall continue to be a very small group, I will set up a conference i.e. a Skype conference from my Skype account OSNACANTAB. PHONE ME ON SKYPE FROM 16:00 GMT if you want to take part. The main item on the agenda is: Using UNYTE to monitor and share and use as a tool for helping others to - for example - stream.

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Fourth (not third) Euro-zone mini-meeting - Skypecast

I have set up a Skypecast, as promised, for tonight 19:00 GMT (I will actually be online 15 mins earlier).


-  We may move away from Skypecast at some point and go off somewhere quiet - Webhuddle, perhaps. It depends how many we are.


If we do, I will use the password Eurozone for the meeting. 


Keywords for finding us on Skype are:  Dennis eurozone webcastinginterns and Niels 


Cheers,   Dennis 

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Eurozone meeting 23 November 06 When?

Here is the URL tocheck the time for the meeting in your zone. (Thanks Niels).






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Eurozone mini-meeting 3

The third Eurozone mini-meeting. I shall set up a Skypeconference, Niels will stream to sandpit A and record. (I will backup on Power Gramo) and we shall probably also try to use Webhuddle. That's the technical side. Content? We shall share our frustrations and successes in streaming and recording Skype meetings. Dennis
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