Still plugging away . . . .

graphic: recording a two-way phone/Skype conversation


(Assignment 2, continued)

I'm not yet prepared to record
a two-way phone conversation,
but a call is in being set up for
this afternoon, so I've got
to review settings more
thoroughly this morning—and
get ready to participate in the "FoodBridges" show in less than 5.5 hours.­ This
show involves Carla Arena, Illya Arnet-Clark, Cristina Costa, Erika Cruvinel,
Dennis Newson, and me. In it, I talk, but I don't yet record or try to "kick the
stream"; I'll be doing that eventually, though.

This afternoon, I'm taking the easier (for me) option: using Nicecast on my Mac,
Virtual Audio Cable (the mysteries for which are still a kind of Gordian Knot
from my point of view.

Once I make it through the "FoodBridges" show and the phone recording, I'll start trying to untangle VAC in earnest—and to remedy problems I'll likely encounter
using Nicecast.

­D. O.


The Ride Has Definitely Begun . . . .

.jpg graphic: telephones, computer, audio playback miniconsole

2007-10-23: The puzzle has a lot more pieces now,
and I'm trying to figure them out. For the telephony
assignment, I'll probably go the Mac route first and
use Nicecast.

Pam's Thoughts After First Week

This is fun!  I just listened to the audio from Sunday's meeting.  I am impressed that many interns from past classes continue to participate and help out.  I heard about a program for desktop sharing, but am not sure what it was called.  Yugma?  Ukla?  ....I didn't write it down.  Anyhow, I look forward to trying that out sometime.  I love the fact that people are coming together from all over the world to learn together.  I guess I'm ready to download my virtual audio cables and prepare for week 2! 

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Dennis' Musings

.jpg photo: Dennis thinking

2007-10-14: Class of 2.3 Webcasts

The Ride Begins

I first became interested in the Webcast Academy over
a year ago and registered at that time--but I didn't get
involved because just after I registered, I had time
crunches with other commitments. Now, however,
I'm in . . . and looking forward to what I can learn.

(Almost) Webcasting

As I read and listen to the posts of others and see/hear your enthusiastic voices, I am greatly encouraged that my technical difficulties will soon be overcome. With some initial help from Lee's great screencasts, I was able to get most of my settings correct. Then, about two and a half hours ago with the help of Lisa and Jason, I was able to get all the settings nailed down and actually stream on Sandbox B. That felt good, until I listened to the archive and then realized that I could only hear Jason, not me!

Illyas Reflections on week 1

after an intensive week with talking to people (great!), trying out audacity (easy), getting used to my voice (harder) and more or less successfully recording a conversation( more less than more), I'm slowly starting to feel comfortable with the different programs. It's tough, a lot harder than I had imagined, but on the other hand, less than a month ago, I didn't even know streaming was someting I can do, so I will persevere and succeed with the help of the others. Thanks for being there :-)
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