nzchrissy's Introduction

What an amazing first session with Cheryl, Susan and Jeff. I don't think I've ever had so many windows open at once and the chatroom was just humming!  So many awesome connections made today. 

I hope I've uploaded my introduction correctly!


July 25 intro

this is my second attempt!

we'll see - i may not have adjusted prefs correctly.

hey looks like it's working yippee

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Filesize to big to attach

In the spirit of finding alternatives to to the 'skype jeff' tech support system we discussed during last night's ETT Development session, I'm answering Paul's question that came in this morning here.  This should allow the answer to live outside of our inboxes and others can chime in with other insights.

From Paul:
I'm not sure why I'm coming in at 63MB ... I can get it down to 50MB, but this is still too big.  Also since we archive these at, is there some way to attach this audio to edtechtalk without uploading the MP3?
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Lifelong Member of Webcast Academy

I still have not gotten to the place where I can use Audacity to record both ends of a Skype conversation. But I did not want our Puffin Adverture to go un-recorded. So I gathered all 103 third grade students in the media center, dialed up Susan of Project Puffin and left the rest to the kids. I used a Belkin microphone attached to my iPod and edited the file with Audacity. It is far from perfect - but learning was done by all!

Audacity Video Tutorial - Editing Volume

Here is a video for Audacity .. how to edit volume on pre-recorded audio. I did not record sound but I have a text message at the end of the video. Just trying different methods of using video!

I created a larger picture video here ! (takes longer to load)

Lame MP3 library

I tried to download lame but it is not working properly. I cannot export my audacity recordings to anything but wave. I would to be able to export to MP3. Thank you. Nellie
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