Hi, I am really excited about learning how to podcast, broadcast, skypcast and anything else that is available. I have no idea on how to start. I have made a podcast to announce a course on WebQuests: I would like to do much more with my students. I mentioned that I would like the link for the weekly student live cast that Lee mentioned. Can someone send me the link, please?
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Online Teachers' Training

In this technology age and thanks to a variety of new online learning tools, any person or student can learn whatever they want or need without ever setting foot in a classroom. The tools we can find in Internet are amazing and effective at once.


Hello everybody! I just wanted to share with you my experience today! I'm so happy to have found people so patient who indicated me what to do and why, thank you to all of them!


My first telephony recording...

... happened during this evening's webcast academy weekly meeting. I thought it had happened last Thursday but when I listened to the playback I found that the flat level of noise was not me being recorded quietly but was in fact noisy silence.

However over the last week I have made progress in eliminating echo on Skype by dividing the job of recording and playback between my USB soundcard and my internal soundcard.

And this evening I managed to make a recording. The attached file is not coherent as it consists of three test slices of the meeting and I have not edited it at all. I notice that the sound levels are very variable. I was controlling sound levels through Audacity but the recording would need more manipulation to level them out  even further if I were publishing this.

Rapport on weekly EuroMiniMeeting 7.12.06

Download (19MB)

The Euromeeting on Thursday the 7.12.06 was hosted by Anne Fox in a

skypecast-room and recorded and edited (strongly) in Audacity and

streamed to Sandbox A and B with SAM Broadcastiing by Niels. Before

the start we played Beethowen 5. sym found on wikimedia - and a litte

glimse of Danish music (Kim Larsen: Kloden drejer stille rundt = the

Earth is turning silent around) just to suppress Doug a little (sorry

for that, Doug)

Recording success, communication failure

I have finally today succeeded in recording both ends of a telephony call after much playing with sound settings and after experimenting with a different computer and different versions of Audacity. My settings were as follows:

Equipment: Laptop with wireless connection

External USB sound board Audio Advantage Roadie

Headphones and mike plugged into the Roadie-
  1. Control Panel Settings
Ø          Audio: Recording, RoadieØ          Playback, RoadieØ          Voice: Recording RoadieØ          Playback Roadie
  1. Sound Properties
Ø          Recording: Stereo MixØ          Playback: Mike checked
  1. Audacity (ver 1.2.3) I/O
Ø          Audio in RoadieØ          Audio out: Roadie
  1. Skype
Ø          Audio in RoadieØ          Audio out RoadieØ          Let Skype decide: unchecked
  1. Audio Repeater
Ø          Wave in sound cardØ          Wave out: Roadie

I don't understand why this combination works. The settings in audio repeater seem to be exactly the opposite of those recommended in Jeff's screencast. I wish I understood more what I was doing!

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