Managing Echo in Broadcasting

Tonight was filled with new adventures. In order to cut out the clicking noise that I was recording every time I muted my external mic, I got a new Platronics headset with built in mic. So far it is wonderful and has an easy to control mute button. Tonight in order to manage better what has become a big skypecast and to take some pressure off the broadcasting machine, we tried something new. I broadcast from my trusty Apple G5 tower. I hijacked Skype as always and brought the participants into the Skype call. When I called into the skypecast, I got a terrible echo. Here's what was happening and the solution (thanks to Jeff, the ultimate detective!!) On my HP tablet, I signed into Skype as a different user (teachersusanettenheim) and hosted the Skypecast. On my Apple, I called into the Skypecast (as user susanettenheim).
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