Microphone Monitoring Tool


A nice small freeware tool to display live microphone input levels (meaning audio gain and frequency - the starting point for audio quality control in a gain structure), plus a mic volume and mute switch, and a headset volume level switch


Screencast - USB Headset set-up for Mac

I have created a screencast to show mac users how to set up their headsets for sound, skype and Nicecast.  Try the trick described above as well since often if one trick does not work for you another will.

How to Set-up a USB Headset for Mac Skype & Nicecast


Reasons to use a USB/analog Headset /mic Combo

It's all about controlling your Audio Settings: Today am am using Logitech headset with analog cables and a USB adapter. I will use the USB adapter to input sound from my mic. I will use the analog headset cable to feed my headset. I did have to use a USB hub to make this work since the cables were not long enough. * I purchased it at CompUSA for about $60.
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