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When you are doing a webcast, being able to bring in callers to your conference is important.  This is a pretty easy process when they are already in your contact list.  Alice did a great screencast on that.  But what happens when they are not.  How do you add them to your conference?  Ideally, I would want them to call me, the host of the conference.  I got some ideas from the Chief, Jeff. But am still not sure how to handle this. Any ideas?  If anyone can put up a screencast it would be helpful. thanks. 

Illya's show - Skyping with Durff

Durff and I did the hamster dance Cool


 This is another section of my first streaming success. In it, Durff explains how to start a Skype conference.

Unfortunately, I turned off the recording too early, or there would have been a third show on how to turn off or hand over the stream.  Thanks for your help anyway, Cheryl. I'm glad you could be there :-)

Feb. 03 Skype Conference for Team 06 GVC

I did it! On the first try too!
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