InternCast#3 Jane Jiang 2008-05-11

Interncast#2 Jane Jiang 2008-3-30

Hi, In this JJ show#2,  Mr. Jeff Lebow was the official Guest  to talk about the topic of "The cross-cultural dynamics of new media".  Thank  you very much to the Dean and the participants too. Thank you all!

P.S. Sorry for the echo at the beginning of audio.

Interncast#1 Jane Jiang 2008-2-24

Jane-Jiang-SpiceCN-Jiang-La-Audio Introduction-2007-10-28

Interesting Experience

It was exciting to participate in the first session of 2.3, while I was frustrated with my pc problem at the time. But it was so fun to join in live streaming anyway as a learner :) I really enjoy this worldbridge that helps me to connect with people from other side online. Now I am working on my audio ntroduction like another intern has mentioned in his blog.

SpiceCN/Jane Jiang

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