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EVO 2007

Welcome to  of The Webcast Academy
EVO2007 Group,  Class of 2.1
January 15~February 25, 2007

'The Webcast Academy' is a hands on, collaborative training center for people interested in learning how to produce and host live, interactive webcasts. To participate as a listener, guest, or webcaster, please join our Yahoo Group, register on this site, check out the  "How to Get Started at the Academy" post and join us during our upcoming webcasts.

A Live Interactive Webcast is basically like a global radio show that is produced and accessed via the internet. A discussion between two or more more parties using a telephony program is streamed live so that many listeners can tune in and, when desired, call in to the show host and participate in the discussion. These shows usually include the use of a text chat room so that listeners and discussion pariticapants can communicate with each other during the show. Telephony + Two-way audio capturing + live streaming = Live Interactive Webcasting.

All are welcome to participate as...

Listeners are an important part of any webcast. To listen, simply click on one of the media player icons in the top right menu block, and join us in the text chat room.  You can also call in and join in the conversation

Subscribers need to register with the site so they can receive Upcoming Show Announcements, comment on posts, and subscribe  to our RSS feeds

Guests are welcome to join in the conversation as long as they've completed the guest call-in checklist. .

Interns learn the various components of  producing webcasts -  hosting, audio engineering, publishing, and streaming. After completing 'basic training', interns are given access to Worldbridges Webcast Academy Channels, to practice streaming their shows.

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