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Xinha Download

I thought I would follow up to Jeff's screenshot with a link to the download page for the editor he used for adding the flash player on your posts. Go to firefox..(download it if you dont have it already) and go to ...Tools...Extensions...Get More Extensions... and find Xenha. Here is a direct link to the download page I used but it works best if you go to the extensions and click on get more extensions since it installs the extension directly into Firefox for you. Lee Xinha Download Page


Xinha and more

I have a really silly question... all of these Firefox extensions.... where do they go? When you download them, they don't appear on the toolbar... where are they and how do you get it to work?

Xinha and more

Susan, If you go to Firefox Menu Bar and click on Tools, you should see Extensions. Click on it and you will see a link for "Get More Extensions". Click on it and it takes you to page after page of extensions you can add to Firefox. Keep paging till you find Xinha and when you download it that way, it will show up in your Extensions window.
After restarting Firefox, ctrl click on the text box when creating a blog post ( or any for that matter) and Xinha here will be one of your options. Click on "Xinha Here! Window" and the window will pop like the one in Jeff's video on posting audio.

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