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Worldbridges PodcampNYC Webcast Part 1

Part one of our coverage from PodcampNYC. Recorded during a live webcast on April 7, 2007.
This portion includes discussions with:

In which Vance achieves Eureka moment in recording both sides of a Skype conversation

This recording captures the aha moment in when Vance managed to get Audacity to record both sides of a Skype conversation, with the help of Jeff and Graham. Graham, Vance, and Jeff then go on to talk about controlling audio levels through the various applications running, and then recap settings in Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel, in Windows Volume Control, and in the applications Audacity, Virtual Audio Cables, and Skype, in the hopes that this verbal description might help others who are similarly stuck as I was - Vance

Two way skype conversation recording

Conversation with a colleague in Spanish. Recorded with Pamela and edited with Audacity.

Catherine's Intro

I used my PC and Audacity (only) to creat this brief intro. I had a very inexpensive headset, which to my ears sounds not as bad as I'd feared. I am grateful for the Audacity tutorials (and Jeff/ Lee's advice about the LAME file) to get here, finally. Thx for your patience!

The 100th Day Celebrations this past week in 1st grade!

A podcast by 1st graders describing how they celebrated the 100th day.

Feb. 03 Skype Conference for Team 06 GVC

I did it! On the first try too!

Audio Test

this is an audio test

Chris Craft's 1 minute phone conversation

This is a recording of a skype conference call I hosted and recorded. I just randomly chopped out around 2 minutes. Audio quality is good, fairly even, but since we were all over the world, sometimes the Internet connections caused a blip.

2nd phone call Barbara Green-Studer

This recording is more balanced than the first I posted here, where my partner is heard much louder than my own input. Here I called a regular phone from my skype account and increased the level of my USB Logitech mic to about 80%.

Barbara Green-Studer's telephone recording

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