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The Absolutely Intercultural session

This was my first live show. It was short and I had responsibility for very little but still I had problems concentrating even though I have quite a bit of experience hosting live online multimedia meetings. A huge thank you to Jeff for seeing to the webcast hosting, streaming and recording. What was there left to do? Hosting and keeping an eye on the chat. I discovered that all my attention was centred on the hosting and I missed most of the chat as a result.

Skype was not optimal but the recording is usable (which is one of my main goals). Have a little question about how I download Jeff's audio file. It behaves differently on different computers and here at work it opened in in Windows media player and I was able to go to files and 'save as' but then got only the first ten minutes?? When I tried save as again I was horrified to find 3 Gb waiting to be downloaded so stopped the second attempt. (The first attempt had told me the file was about 37Mb which seemed reasonable).

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