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Recording and webcasting - Carlos F's adventures through webcasting

Well, I've been doing my best. I wasn't and still am not very acquainted with these technologies bits. The terms (buffer, bits.etc...) still confuses me a bit. I am very eager to learn all of this as I find it very interesting. Audacity seems an excellent program, although some of its fonctionalities still causes me problem. In one of the live sessions someone said that you have to "play around" with the tool. That's so very true... You don't have to do big recordings, just little things but it is by doing, hearding and redoing it that you learn and realise some of the changes and how to do them.

I've been enjoying, all of this, although time to try these things is my main handicap.

My next step will be reflecting on the assignement given, so that I manage to record bits of a conversation... I thought of doing it in Portuguese sothat mrs Durff would get used to the sounds, one never knows when she will need to speak some portuguese (joking!) . No, of course I will do it in my a-little-bit-rusty english with someone willing to be recorded.

I've surprised to see that there aren't many audio entries ... How many interns are we?

Carlos F


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