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web2learn Webcast #1

This webcast went to air on Sunday 21st of May, West Australian time. Our first featured guest was Ms Christine Cunningham, Cochabamba Cooperative School (Bolivia) Director/CEO. An EFL teacher from Perth, Western Australia, Christine has worked in remote aboriginal schools in far north WA; with Australian Volunteers International in East Timor in 2000-2001; and for the last five years at her present school in Bolivia.

I had some problems with Skype, Nicecast and general audio during this first webcast. As such the first 10 minutes or so is not of a great quality audio-wise. However the audio improves from that point onwards and Christine's reflection on her teaching experiences are worth persisting with the initial poor audio.

This first experience has certainly taught me how to use Audacity and I look forward to much easier webcast edits in the future, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Download mp3 (6.2MB, 27:30)

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