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Hello Matt

thank you and may I interview you?


mireille Mireille Massue's Introduction

hello mrsdurff

how about we learn together.

I would love to practice my interviewing skills, learn the technology and interview you.


mireille Mireille Massue's Introduction

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It seems to be working now--nice.

robertisquires Robert Squires - Swimming

I didn't have the comment posting permissions properly set. You should be able to leave a video comment now. Let me know if things have changed on your end.

jeff Robert Squires - Swimming


Appreciated your comments, and the video seems to work great. I tried to post a video response, but no luck (something else to experiment with perhaps). Been having a lot of fun exploring the options for recording. I'm going to work on the VAC Skype recording later this afternoon with a different PC. We'll see whether there's hope for the two headest method beyond pure fashion.


robertisquires Robert Squires - Swimming

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jeff Robert Squires - Swimming

I get one and I have been in several classes - I logged into the site first. Did you try that?

Durff Webcaster Profile

I'll be right there - you can eat the meat. Nice CallGraph recording too.

Durff Robert Squires -Domestic Bliss

I think it was much easier for me to recognize people in 2008 because I hadn't been so active at that time. Bee Dieu succintly put it at a Webhead dinner I turned up at: 'Who are you?' It's been great to have met so many of the Webheads. Meeting people in person adds a new dimension to relationships. You are back in Korea now? I taught ESL in Gimcheon-just outside of Daegu in 2001--good times and great food. I've been back once since then, and I am always reminded what a wonderfully hospitable bunch of people they are. I miss the under floor heating in the winter as well.


Anonymous Introduction Robert Squires Class of 4.1

A Webhead with a lovely Scottish accent - lovely intro too!

Durff Introduction Robert Squires Class of 4.1

I think your students would be impressed with not only your introduction but that they have a professor willing to learn - I was not so lucky for most of my schooling...

Durff Rick Reo Introduction - Class of 4.1

That was really well done - I think we should learn from you instead of you learn from us, well me that is. I still haven't graduated (lifetime plan)

Durff Mireille Massue's Introduction

... all this multitasking must be taking its toll on my brain, because I think it's taken me all this time to finally realize that we've met f2f, haven't we Robert? I recall tossing back a few pints with a Scottish webhead living in Montana at TESOL2008 in NYC. There can't be too many of those out there. Sorry for not making the connection sooner. Sadly, I seem more likely to remember audio settings than names :)

jeff Introduction Robert Squires Class of 4.1

Long story short--I met my future wife, a Big Sky Eagle, when we were both teaching English in Japan. The rest, as they say, is a very happy history. I've never been down to California, but I believe Palo Alto is tech central: Hewlett Packard, Facebook, etc. Do you work in that field? You don't happen to be a Mac person, do you? I think I can get two ends of a conversation recorded with a PC, but would like to know more about the Mac and Audio Hijack technique. I go have a little hunt in the meantime...Enjoying exploring these tools.



Anonymous Introduction Robert Squires Class of 4.1

Nice to meet you as well, Robert! I am curious how a Scot finds his way to Missoula, MT! Perhaps the subject of a future webcast ;-)

My name is Matt Montagne and I participated in the Webcast Academy during the winter of 2008. I'll be checking in periodically to see how you all are doing in the class of 4.1.


Matt Montagne
Palo Alto, California

mjmontagne Introduction Robert Squires Class of 4.1

by Dr. Radut