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Class of 4.1 Open Houses

To all those registered at

After months of inactivity, the Webcast Academy is about to stream back into action.

We're introducing a few changes for this coming session (class of 4.1), but the Academy will still operate as a sometimes chaotic, always collaborative, open source learning community that welcomes all those interested in webcasting.  Changes include covering a greater variety of webcasting methods, replacing weekly live sessions with more flexibly scheduled 'live labs', rolling admissions, and encouraging small mentored groups.

You can check out more details about the Basic Webcasting Program at:
Please feel free take the first few steps outlined there.

All are welcome to participate in the Class of 4.1 - this includes those who've started but not completed past sessions, longtime lurkers, and newbies.  Oldtimers and veteran webcasters are encouraged to join in and share their streaming wisdom, brush up on new techniques, and complete their 'graduation requirements' if they have not already done so.

Open houses are currently scheduled  at the times below.  These are opportunities for participants to ask questions and get oriented while session organizers finalize plans and materials for the upcoming session.  They will be streamed at

June 21, 1600GMT  global times
June 26, 0200GMT  global times
June 27, 2000GMT  global times

Live lab sessions will be scheduled thereafter based on participant interest and availability.

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