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Help request for assistance recording both ends of telephony call video

Hi folks! I need recording both ends of a telephony call. I recorded tons of tries and saved 2 recordings in audacity. I had to turn the input and output volume WAY down in audacity and you can hear some static and the audio is rather soft. That is the only way I could record without echoes.

I tried to go back in to record the settings in the Jing video but I had closed the repeater and don't know what settings actually worked. When I rewatched the screencast on how to record the telephony call, I went to the control panel to change the audio and voice devices. Once I did that, I was unable to set stereo mix as an option in audacity.

So, I recorded the settings of the laptop I am currently using with Jing and the video can be accessed at

Thanks folks!


studio_component | by Dr. Radut