Webcaster Access Info

Stream Access 

Sandbox A
Port: 8000

Sandbox B
Port: 8002



Interns are welcome to use the Webcast Academy Ustream account by logging in at http://ustream.tv/

ID: webcastacademy
Password: Same as above

Chat Logs

Chatlogs are mailed to webcastacademyinterns@gmail.com  everyday around 0600GMT .  Password is standard password for this session.

Audio Specifications

Bitrate: 64kbs
Sample rate: 22 or 44khz (required for audio posted with audio module)
File names:  ShowCodeEpisode#-yyyy-mm-dd.mp3 (i.e. EdTechTalk75-2006-12-18.mp3 , Teachers38-2007-01-31.mp3)
ID3 Tags: Include at least Show Title, License, URL
Streaming: If possible stream hi bitrate (64kbs) to EdTechTalk A, and lo bitrate (24kbs) to EdTechTalk B.  If bandwidth is limited, only stream to EdTechTalk A.

Posting Specifications

Posting to the calendar:  (Method changed Dec. 2007)  We now use Google  Calendars to post events.   You can log in to the webcastacademyinterns@gmail.com account (password is the same as Sandox passwords) and click calendar/ create event to add an event.  The time zone for this gmail account is GMT/UTC.   You can also click 'manage calendars' / Shared/Edit Settings, and add your gmail address to the share list.  You can then post in your own time zone.  (Stay tuned for Screencast)

Show recordings can be posted as an audio node (create content/ audio).  Body of post can include show name & #, date,  descriptive blurb, and/or  chat log.   To determine with the teaser ends on the front page, go to html mode by clicking the 'toggle html source' icon above and enter <!--break-->


Webcasters can setup their own teleconference and include that in a webcast.  There are number of sites that provide this service for free, including http://freeconferencecall.com and http:freeconference.com/