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I used Audacity for the first time - not too hard once you know what all the icons mean. I tend to be a hands on person who tries things out and then reads. Speaking of reading - I had taken a holiday from reading blogs - I was water-blogged - couldn't take anything in anymore. But this has revitalized me and I have started reading again. I am very excited about this course and this group of people. Now - to find everyone's blogs and start more reading.


Hi Susan,Welcome to

Hi Susan,

Welcome to webcastsphere :-) I am also a hands on person and keep clicking and clicking instead of reading the help text - sthg which infuriates my husband (who is an engineer). He says I would spend half the time looking for a solution if I read the manual - just cannot read them. Where is your recording? Is it in the audio area?



My recording went into the audio area - Introductions


Welcome Susan 


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