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cut and paste 2-way phone calls

well, I haven't completely managed to record a two-way discussion; however, I have recorded each way separately. In addition, I've been playing around with audacity, so there is some profit, even if I haven't quite managed it properly. 

I've recorded my 1st try with mrsdurff , which unfortunalely didn't record me (but there is proof that I was there!) Then I tried the skype lady, who actually let me do both, then I had a wonderful talk with Carla, but only got myself recorded.

Next time I bet I'll manage!!!!

Thanks for the enjoyable conversations, Carla, mrsdurff, Miz Mercer and friend!!!!



Illya Arnet-Clark

It looks great ont he screen, but how come there's no sound?

Aaaaargh!!!!!!! x-/ 

audio | by Dr. Radut