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Some Screencast Prep for 2.2.2

  What a great first week at the Academy.  Just wanted to share some thoughts (feedback, prep, and pondering) ahead of 2.2.2.  

Watch Screencast

Thoughts  for 2.2.2

- Site Navigation
   Don't forget the Forums & Faq
   RSS feeds at:

- Skype chat
   Anyone can add another intern to the chat
   How to participate in group skype chat screencast

- Audio specs

  •  sample rate, bitrate
  •  ID3 Tags
  • filenames

Audio from a problematic post can be re-uploaded.  There's no need to create another post.

- Recording telephony calls
   3rd party apps (powergramo, pamela, etc.) have never been used to successfully stream. 
   Sorry  Winodws users, VAC's are most likely necessary.

Academy Membership Types:

    General info at  (intern access only)
    Transmitted by voice only - PLEASE write it down.  If lost or forgotten, ask for it in skype chat.

Streaming Practice
    Sandbox can be used anytime stream is available. Visit Chat Room, check listen page, stream away.
   Schedule a webcast by clicking create content/event
   Using the Webcast Academy Sandbox Screencast

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